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My best looks on LOOKBOOK

Lookbook who doesn't know it!
This site wich hosts your best looks' pictures, where other fashionable people can vote for you with a HYPE.
Here you are the top 3 of my most hyped looks for now.

N° 1 with 143 hypes

N° 2 with 113 hypes

N° 3 with 90 hypes

Now the only thing to do is to sign in Lookbook, put your best pics in and get hyped!!!

2 commentaires:

  1. J'aime beaucoup ton premier look !
    Sinon, tu as des chaussures de FOLIE !!

  2. Yes it was the most popular and I think I won't get that hypes in a while :-(
    Ah pour les chaussure effectivement c'est mon fort, je dépense énormément.