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SAVELLI Genève. The smartphones for real millionaires' wives.

Today we were at Printemps  with a dear friend of us ( Julien ) and he told us about this new brand of luxury cellphones , he proposed to show us the corner that recently opened at Printemps ; he said : " I love that corner there are the most beautiful orchids I've ever seen ." 
The flowers were actually amazing and  we discovered these super luxury, fashion and expensive smart-phones.
The most expensive was already gone (more than 100.000 euros ) the charming shop assistant told us that it was covered by real diamonds.
As soon as we went back home we searched  more information about this brand ...

We introduce to you all SAVELLI Genève's amazing smartphones  :









"Savelli, a revolutionary new jewellery brand, based in Geneva, is launching internationally in the upcoming months. Merging technology with craftsmanship.
Savelli is the first luxury smartphone specially for woman, handmade in Switzerland as a precious piece of jewellery. Exceptional in every detail."
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"The Savelli designs are full of exclusive features: the elegance of Italian design is combined with the great precision and expertise of Swiss jewelry making, which is a perfect combination that gives us this collection of 11 unique phones, Jardin Secret (Secret Garden), which are categorized in three different categories: "Elegant", with the "Python", "Ostrich Blue Jeans", and "Black Sport" phones; "Precious", with the "Emerald Iguana", "Classic Caramel", "White Ice", and "Red Ardent" phones; and "Wonderful", with the "Diamond Rain", "Diamond Night", "Champagne Diamonds", and "Black Insane" phones."by webflakes

You can find Savelli's smartphones at Colette and Printemps in Paris or at Harrod's in London.
The site Savelli Gnève .

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