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Young Parisian accessories designers. NICOLAS THEIL and BASTIEN BENY

We decided to dedicate a post to 2 friends of ours : Nicolas Theil and Bastien Beny ; they both created their own business right after fashion designer school Ecole de Condé in Paris , we actually met each other when they were still students and now they grew up and they turned into very talented accessories designers.
We want to present you their most beautiful pieces
His must piece is the clutche:

Other pieces that we like:

We have the honour to own his first crystal pochettes handmade prototypes.
The Hotel Mariacarla's anecdote : Once we went to shop at the Eclaireur , a fashionable boutique near metro Saint Paul in Paris , and while we was paying the owner of the shop noticed our crystal pochette by Nicolas Theil , he loved it and he wanted to know the name of the designer , of course we gave him not only his name but also his phone number and voilà few weeks later the pochettes were sold in the boutique. Who knows, may be that was the beginning of his success ;)

You can buy Nicolas Theils creations on line here

The pieces we love the most are his zip-bracelets

The bags are very nice to!!!

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